Yoga on the Sofa

There is no God in Yoga

November 25, 2020

There is no God in yoga. Yoga isn't a religion, yoga is a philosophy, a way of life. You can even call it a science. Yes, yoga believes in the Divine, but what the Divine is, is something you can fill in for yourself. Simply, because the Divine can't be described in words. It's a feeling. In this episode we well tell you more about it.


Also in this episode

  • The Tea label of the week
  • The story behind Padmasana, Lotus pose
  • Our weekend tip: Celeste Barber
  • Question of the week: What is a good Yoga class for Runners?
  • A guided meditation by Sara

The music is of course again from Fred Westra, our favorite yoga music composer.

And as always, we like to thank ReYoga, our sponsor, for making this episode possible. If you're looking for a new yoga mat, yoga props or yoga clothes, check them out.

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