Yoga on the Sofa

Which yoga level are you on?

March 18, 2021

Which Yoga level are you on? Or are there no levels in yoga? That are the questions we will answer in this episode, Episode 14, of our Yoga on the Sofa Podcast. 

A lot of people just want to do advanced asanas, advanced practices. But is that wise? Can't we learn as much from a 'beginners’ class' as we can from an advanced class. And doesn't our body need a break from advanced postures every now and then? If you want to know the answers, just listen to this new episode.

We like to thank our sponsor ReYoga (​) for making this episode possible.

As always, your hosts are Sara Bigatti (​) and John Kraijenbrink (​). You can find more about us on the Yoga on the Sofa-website (​).

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Have fun,

Sara & John

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