Yoga on the Sofa

Plant the seed of your Sankalpa

January 20, 2021

In this Podcast, number 10 of Yoga on the Sofa we’re going to work with our Sankalpa, which you have created in Episode 9. If not, listen to that episode first. Sara will guide you through a meditation to make your Sankalpa become reality. 

But before we do that, we're going to look at advertisement. That may seem out of place, but in this episode you'll discover why advertisers love to advertise late at night on television. It has all to do with your mind. 

Advertisers know a little trick to convince you that you need their product, and you can use that same, very effective trick to start living your Sankalpa.

As always, we end this Podcast with the beautiful music of Fred Westra. This time we'll play The Courage to Love for you. ( 

Your hosts in this episode are Sara Bigatti ( and John Kraijenbrink ( 

This Episode wouldn't be possible with the help of our sponsor, ReYoga; the brand for yoga mats and yoga wear that is either made from or is recyclable. (



Sara & John


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